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Over the past two decades, our Familial Forestry campaign has successfully added a total of 4 million trees as green members to homes, farms, villages, public lands, and institutions. Starting from January 2024, we have committed to sharing information on tree planting activities conducted under our direct supervision and participation on our website, categorised by date.

Inspired by our continuous appeal and encouragement, a significant number of individuals have contributed to our Familial Forestry efforts by integrating numerous trees as green members of their families, villages, farms, and public spaces at their respective levels. While exact numbers of such plantation cases cannot be ascertained, many environmentally conscious individuals frequently join our activities or other programs and continue to inform us about their tree planting efforts. To facilitate their participation, we have provided a link on our website through which they can provide information about their green members who have been inspired to adopt trees as green members.

Numbers through our direct participation are as follows:

Activities Organised in 2024

Total number: 1,350
Date: 24th January

24th January - Village Jaitasar, Tehsil Ratangarh, District Churu, Rajasthan

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Village Jaitasar, Tehsil Ratangarh, District Churu, Rajasthan

Total number: 10,200
Date: 15th February
Number: 5,100

Date: 24th February
Number: 5,100

15th February - Hanso Ji Dham, Village Likhmadesar, Tehsil Shridungargarh, District Bikaner, Rajasthan. Saplings were gifted as blessed offerings to the disciples of Jasnath Ji who gathered from different districts of Rajasthan. These saplings were planted under Familial Forestry Ram Roonkh Abhiyan.

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15th February

Total number: 31,024

Date: 5th March
Number: 110

Date: 8th March
Number: 8,400

Date: 9th March
Number: 500

Date: 11th March
Number: 51

Date: 14th March
Number: 254

Date: 16th March
Number: 150

Date: 19th March
Number: 60

Date: 21th March
Number: 21,000

Date: 24th March
Number: 300

Date: 26th March
Number: 10

Date: 28th March
Number: 200

05th March - Dev Jasnath Public Nursery, Gandhi Institutional Forest, Dungar College, Bikaner. Saplings were gifted to students of PM Shri Govt Sr. Sec. School, Village 22 KYD, Tehsil Khajuwala, District Bikaner, Rajasthan, encouraging them to embrace the saplings as their family members during the Familial Forestry dialogue.

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05th March

Total number: 10,601

Date: 7th April
Number: 300

Date: 11th April
Number: 51,00

Date: 15th April
Number: 51,00

Date: 24th April
Number: 101

07th April - Village Malasar, Tehsil Loonkaransar. Mr. Kailash Godara and his family gifted saplings of native species to relatives in loving memory of his grandmother, who recently passed away. These relatives visited his house to mourn the demise of Mrs. Dhapu Devi Ji.

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07th April

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